Northrop Professors

This award recognizes field-shaping faculty at any stage in their post-tenure career at the University of Minnesota—especially those who have made significant advances in their careers at the University of Minnesota, whose national and international work and reputation has been identified as having helped define the trajectory of one or more academic fields, and whose accomplishments have brought great renown and prestige to Minnesota.

Name College Year Awarded
Svitlana Mayboroda College of Science & Engineering FY17 (to FY20)
Brenda Child College of Liberal Arts FY19 (to FY23)
Marc Bellemare College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences FY19 (to FY23)
Jean O'Brien College of Liberal Arts FY20 (to FY24)
Kevin Murphy College of Liberal Arts FY20 (to FY24)
Dan Harki College of Pharmacy FY20 (to FY24)
Tasoulla Hadjiyanni College of Design FY20 (to FY24)
Ran Blekhman College of Biological Sciences FY21 (to FY25)