National Academy of Engineering

Members are elected for their achievements in engineering (see the Academy website for details and history about this award). The University has had 38 faculty elected to NAE.

MemberDepartmentYear of Election
Catherine E. Wolfgram FrenchCivil, Environmental & Geo- Engineering2024
Timothy P. LodgeChemical Engineering & Materials Science 2024
Andrew G. AlleyneMechanical Engineering2023
Graham V. CandlerAerospace Engineering & Mechanics2020
Emmanuel DetournayCivil, Environmental & Geo- Engineering2016
David Y. H. PuiMechanical Engineering2016
Michael TsapatsisChemical Engineering & Materials Science 2015
Ned MohanElectrical & Chemical Engineering2014
Steven L. CrouchCivil Engineering 2013
Eric W. KalerChemical Engineering & Materials Science 2010
Bruce F. Wollenberg Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005
Frank S. Bates Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2002
Edward L. Cussler, Jr. Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2002
Kenneth H. Keller Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2002
Christopher W. Macosko Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2001
Marchall I. Nathan Electrical & Computer Engineering 1999
Subbiah Ramalingam Mechanical Engineering 1998
Matthew V. TirrellChemical Engineering & Materials Science1997
Iwao Iwasaki Endowed Taconite Chair, University of Minnesota Duluth1996
Lanny D. Schmidt Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 1994
Jerald L. Ericksen Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics 1993
Charles FairhurstCivil Engineering 1991
Daniel D. Joseph Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics1990
H. Ted Davis Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 1988
Benjamin Y. H. Liu Mechanical Engineering 1987
Emil Pfender Mechanical Engineering 1986
Ephraim M. Sparrow Mechanical Engineering 1986
Richard J. Goldstein Mechanical Engineering 1985
George J. SchroepferCivil Engineering1981
Theodore V. Galambos Civil Engineering 1979
Otto H. SchmittElectrical Engineering1979
L. E. Scriven Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 1978
Roger W. Staehle Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 1978
Aldert van der ZielElectrical Engineering1978
Kenneth T. WhitbyMechanical Engineering1978
Philip D. HodgeAerospace Engineering & Mechanics1977
Rutherford Aris Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 1975
Richard C. JordanMechanical Engineering1975
Robert Plunkett Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics1974
Neal R. AmundsonChemical Engineering1970
Ernst R. G. Eckert Mechanical Engineering 1970
William G. ShepherdElectrical Engineering1969