Luciano Caixeta

Luciano Caixeta headshot
Veterinary Population Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine
Twin Cities

Award Year
University Award
McKnight Presidential Fellow Award
Research Title
Towards dairy sustainability by improving the health of dairy cows

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Luciano Caixeta is an animal health researcher who focuses on improving the health of dairy cows with the ultimate goal to help feed the ever-growing world population. His research focuses on the period around parturition of dairy cows. During this period, cows have a considerable risk of metabolic disorders and infectious diseases. Dr. Caixeta combines basic and applied research to describe the physiological adaptations of dairy cows under metabolic stress. With his research, Dr. Caixeta strives to develop practical intervention strategies to decrease the use of antimicrobials in animal agriculture and increase farm sustainability through improved animal health. He communicates his findings broadly, through peer-reviewed manuscripts, presentations at conferences and working directly with farmers.