Terresa A. Moses

Terresa Moses
Graphic Design
College of Design
Twin Cities

Award Year
University Award
McKnight Presidential Fellow Award
Research Title
Exploring Black liberation through design

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Terresa A. Moses is a community-engaged scholar who uses applied research and creative works to intentionally intersect three areas of expertise, all of which are centered in Black liberation and anti-racism: 1) design curriculum and pedagogical approaches, 2) community building and abolitionist organizing, and 3) empowering Black women. Some of her work includes her solo exhibition, Umbra, her community distro project, Stop Killing Black People, her applied research project, Project Naptural, and her co-created curriculum and framework, Racism Untaught. She has published two books, Racism Untaught and An Anthology of Blackness, in addition to national and international recognition in her field.