Featured Wall of Discovery Scholars


Dominick Argento

Dominick Argento's Pulitzer Prize-winning score of From the Diary of Virginia Woolf is among items on the Wall of Discovery. 


Norman Borlaug

Noble Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug told his story to Minnesota magazine in January, 2004.


Robert Gore

Robert Gore invented GORE-TEX®--and a new kind of corporate culture at W. L. Gore & Associates.


Endesha Ida Mae Holland

From poverty to playwright and professor, Endesha Ida Mae Holland never took the easy path.


Reynold B. Johnson

One of the U's amazing and little known graduates, Johnson created the method for scoring tests with a number 2 pencil and later developed the first random-access computer disc. He is sometimes called "father of the computer disc drive."


Ancel Keys

Ancel Keys, a diet and health pioneer, taught at Minnesota for 35 years. He invented World War II K rations, the Mediterranean Diet, and led landmarks starvation studies that aided concentration camp survivors in recovery.


William Pedersen

Architect William Pedersen (B.Arch. '61) thinks about tall buildings in a new way.


Ralph Rapson

Noted architect Ralph Rapson is former head of the College of Architecture (now College of Design) and was profiled in Minnesota magazine. His sketch for the original Guthrie Theater is on the Wall of Discovery.


Lanny Schmidt

Hydrogen fuel researcher Lanny Schmidt is featured on the Wall of Discovery.


Catherine Verfaillie

Catherine Verfaillie is one of the world's preeminent stem-cell researchers. Notes from an experiment on adult stem cells are on the Wall of Discovery.


Roy Wilkins

Former NAACP chief Roy Wilkins was a pioneer in race relations at a critical time in American history.