Phi Beta Kappa

The Phi Beta Kappa society, the oldest undergraduate honors society in the United States, was founded at the College of William and Mary at Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1776, and its range and influences have gradually extended until it now has over 250 chapters in institutions of learning in the United States. For over 200 years the Society has devoted itself to scholarly achievement in the sciences and in the arts. The distinction conferred by election is one which eminent men and women in all fields of life have been proud to share.

The University of Minnesota’s Chapter was established in November 1892.


Alaei, Sauviz Physics B S Phys; Mathematics B S Math
Anderson, Claire Political Science B A
Atkinson, Bailey Ecology Evolution/Behavior B S
Avula, Nandini Human Physiology B A
Baartman, William Biology, Society, & Environ BA
Blomquist-Dege, Bailey History B A
Brackman, Krista Neuroscience B S
Brehl, Roslyn Human Physiology B A
Cahn, Adam Chemistry B S Chem
Caille, Cedric Biology B S
Caldis, Maddie Journalism B A
Campbell, Salem Cultrl Stdy/Compar Lit B A
Cao, Adrianna Psychology B A
Carlson, Alexa Political Science B A
Carlson, Diego Economics B A
Cavil, Makenzie Cell and Org Physiology B S
Champeau, Alexander Political Science B A
Chinander, Haley Economics B A
Chlan, Lauren Biology, Society, & Environ BA
Chowdhury, Rachael Economics-Quant Emphasis B A
Christenson, Piper Developmental Psychology B A
Clark, Katherine Journalism B A
Clements, Cat Political Science B A
Consing, Sofia Political Science B A
Cotton, Gabrielle Developmental Psychology B A
Courteau, Quinn Microbiology B S
Curtiss, Grace Global Studies B A
Dilworth, Braxton Anthropology B A
Ding, Yushuo Economics B A
Djanin, Alexander Economics B S; Mathematics B A
Dreier, Karsen Political Science B A
Duffield, Julie Chemistry B S Chem
Dwyer, Eva Global Studies B A
Eaton, Emily Global Studies B A
Eckert, Elyse Political Science B A
Esbe, Susan Political Science B A
Federici, Caitlin Soc of Law/Criminol/Devianc BA
Finch-Newkirk, Sophie English B A
Fischer, Sophia Political Science B A
Fitz Axen, Ada Plant Science B S
Flowers, Nautica African American/African St BA
Flynn, Lillia Spch-Lang-Hearing Sciences B A
Follett-Dion, Dani Communication Studies B A
Fontaine, Taylor Political Science B A
Glaum, Abigal Psychology B A
Guerrero, Nayelli American Studies B A
Hackney, Olivia Strategic Communication B A
Hagen, Alexandra Developmental Psychology B A
Haws, Collin Journalism B A
Heckadon, Sara Theatre Arts B A
Hernandez Balmaceda, Melissa Biology, Society, & Environ BA
Hernandez, Grace Bachelor of Indiv Stdy B I S
Hill, Kennady Developmental Psychology B A
Ho, Sara Developmental Psychology B A
Hofer-Pottala, Shannon English B A
Huspeni, Lauren Political Science B A
Iversen, Melanie Psychology B S
Johnson, Ivy Genetics/Cell Biology B S
Kaahiye, Kaaha Indiv Designed Interdept B A
Kaisler, Rachel Developmental Psychology B A
Khan, Reem Political Science B A
Knight, Samantha Linguistics B A
Koth, Zoe Anthropology B A
Koza, Samantha Journalism B A
Kreie, Samantha Sociology B S
Kujawski, Mattie Global Studies B A
Lam, Carol Philosophy B A; Psychology B S
Le, Trung Economics B S
Lewis, Cat Mathematics B A
Lewis, Jordan Soc of Law/Criminol/Devianc BA
Li, Fiona Statistical Science B S
Lim, Sean Political Science B A
Liu, Vincent Soc of Law/Criminol/Devianc BS; Statistical Practice B A
Lundgren, Marie Anthropology B A
Macomber, Elena Global Studies B A
Magnusson, Michael Sociology B A
Marghitu, Theodore Human Physiology B A
Mersy, Gabe Computer Science B A
Michalski, Kevin Genetics/Cell Biology B S
Miettinen, Dylan Journalism B A
Milles, Larissa Journalism B A
Mills, Rachel Journalism B A
Mitzen, Ethan Anthropology B A
Nichols, Katie Anthropology B A
Norman, Lillian Political Science B A; Sociology B S
O'Brien, Maggie Political Science B A
O'Hara, Mara Economics B S
Peterburs, Jack History B A
Peterson, Christina History B A
Ramirez, Carmen Biology, Society, & Environ B A; Psychology B S
Rassman, Riley Journalism B A
Roberts, BJ Soc of Law/Criminol/Devianc BA
Robinson, Keegan Theatre Arts B A
Rost, Cora Plant Science B S
Rquibi, Leila Plant & Microbial Biology B S; French Studies B A
Rudek, Olivia Psychology B A
Ruppman, Kamilla Psychology B A
Sako, Kristin Neuroscience B S
Salo, Caden Political Science B A
Samatar, Halima English B A
Schmitgen, Elizabeth Developmental Psychology B A
Seaver, Brooke Political Science B A
Shaik, Bahar Sociology B S; Global Studies B A
Shim, Emily Anthropology B A
Siewert, Chloe Anthropology B A
Simon, Tessa Political Science B A
Sislo-Schutta, Bri Journalism B A
Smith, Collin Strategic Communication B A
Solaiman, Rafat Human Physiology B A
Song, Meredith Genetics/Cell Biology B S; Gender, Women & Sexua Stds B A
Spoden, Abigail Spch-Lang-Hearing Sciences B A
Stack, John Political Science B A
Stade, Isabella Sociology B A
Stockley, Cat Psychology B A
Stockton, Gracie Theatre Arts B A
Sui, Zhaoxu Geography B S
Taylor, Jessica Journalism B A
Taylor, Samuel Ecology Evolution/Behavior B S
Thompson, Noah Political Science B A
Tojo Garcia, Rodrigo Political Science B A
Torborg, Samantha Anthropology B A
Verhagen, Jack Soc of Law/Criminol/Devianc B A; Psychology B S
Vick, Averie Sociology B A
Vik, Emma Journalism B A
Vujic, Kristina Psychology B A
Wang, Chenyi Mathematics B A; Statistical Science B S
Warmka, Josephine Political Science B A
Weidensee, Marah Economics B A
Wen, Meggie Mathematics B S Math
Wesenberg, Devin Political Science B A
Wong, Amber Statistical Science B S
Wurst, Samantha Political Science B A
Yao, Jin Economics-Quant Emphasis B A
Yuan, Stacy Strategic Communication B A
Zhang, Bocheng Economics B S
Zhang, Jacqueline Economics B S; Political Science B A
Zhao, Yue Developmental Psychology B


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