National Academy of Medicine (formerly Institute of Medicine)

Members are elected for their achievement in medicine and health (see the National Academy of Medicine web site for details and history about this award). The University has had 16 members named since the Institute of Medicine's establishment in 1970.

Member Department Date
Harry T. Orr Laboratory Medicine & Pathology 2014
Bruce Blazar Pediatrics 2012
Mary Story Epidemiology 2010
Karen Hsiao Ashe Neurology 2009
Michelle Biros Emergency Medicine 2009
Selwyn M. Vickers Surgery 2009
Susan M. Wolf Law, Medicine & Bioethics 2009
Kamil Ugurbil Radiology, Neurosciences & Medicine 2007
Michael Osterholm Epidemiology 2004
Apostolos Georgeopoulos Neuroscience 2004
Ashley T. Haase Microbiology 2003
Deborah E. Powell Medicine 2000
Robert J. Gorlin Oral Sciences 1997
Paul G. Quie Pediatrics 1986
Norman Garmezy Psychology 1986
Robert A. Good Pediatrics & Microbiology 1970